5 All*Star Grilling Tips for Your August 2019 BBQs!

Everyone loves a good barbecue.  It’s become a Summer staple; especially, here in Bend, Oregon.  We love our beer cold and our nights, alive with the good times and sizzling steaks.  So, you’ve already upgraded your outdoor kitchen equipment… so, what now?  We’ve got you covered.

Here are our Top 5 Summer Grilling Tips!


First things first, you don’t want to throw your meat on a cold grill.  Start that baby up, you know, 15 to 30 minutes before you want to cook.  It will not only kill the germs (you know, last night’s salmon isn’t going to disappear without a little heat!), but it will also help sear your foods appropriately.  On contact, no sticking.  We want to lock in all the juice we can!

Also, make sure to brush off last night’s dinner once the grill is hot.

A wire brush works great!


Have you ever tried to cook something in the oven and you forgot the PAM?  If you’re cooking lean meats, you’re most likely going to want to oil up the grill by running an oil-soaked paper towel over the grill before use.  Make sure you don’t use cooking spray though… save that for your cookies!


Want the best BBQ? The goods come long before the meat hits the grill.  Start by marinating your meat and you’ll lock in some amazing flavor.

Try not to add salts to the meat until it’s cooked, to prevent it from getting dry and too tough.


You don’t want to cross contaminate.  Use separate plates, boards, and utensils for things that were touching raw meat and… well, the finished product! 

Pick up an instant-read thermometer to make sure that your food is done-done, as well.  AND, try not to leave raw meat out in room temperature for longer than an hour.  If you nee to thaw it out, do so in the fridge— overnight!


We know, you want to grab that meat RIGHT off of the grill and start chowing down.  Well, give it a rest.  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes to soak in all of those great juicy flavors.  Then… enjoy!


We hope you have an amazing Summer!! … grill it up!

-The JBros Team

It’s Summertime. Check Out Why We LOVE the Lynx Professional BBQ

You can’t beat a Trident infrared searing burner.  Let’s face it, people want choices.  Gone are the days where you can just throw a few hot dogs on the grill.  You want veggies (you know, for the meatless Mondays and vegans), potatoes, steak, and more.  With this grill, you can control the heat (grill and sear at high heat and then finish a steak by taking it down to low without having to move it).  It makes sense to be able to control as much as you can!

If that’s not enough, the quality and construction are top notch.  The way it was built, the welded seams are finished so you don’t see anything.  Sleek and chic.

Other great quality features?  Well, a being able to muster up an excellent rotisserie is a great feature to have for chickens and roasts.  We’ve all got to meal prep, am I right?

Another AMAZING feature is that you can lift the lid with one finger. It’s light and easy to lift due to the design of the springs.  They absorb the weight as it goes up and helps lift it.

Always remember to turn the gas and burners off when you’re done grilling.  Now, hop to!

Thanks for reading,

The J Bros Team

The Benefits of a Speed Oven

What’s not to love about technology popping up to help, all around?  You use your kitchen every day… so why not step up your tech game there, first! With a speed oven, you’ve got over 175 preprogrammed menu items.  All you need to do is just go through, turn the knob until you find what you want to cook and press Go!  There are various food types built into the oven and it can be VERY handy, depending on what you want to heat up or cook.

What exactly can you cook up? Well, from appetizers to a filet mignon tenderloin you’ve got endless choices.

Having a party? Want to throw in an app and get it out quick before the main meal?  You’ve got it!

Oh, but you could also do the main meal in there too.

Baking a cake in your other oven? This is perfect.


Uses three features.  A microwave, some thermal convection, and of course…broiling.

How do you use it?

Want something specific? Go to “Seafood” or “Meats” and change it to Medium Rare or Well Done… if you ask us, it comes out perfect every time.

Lamb chops? Let’s go.

Cod Filet? Fish Sticks? Lobster Tails? It’s your own personal heat perfecter!

The oven has algorithms built into it to have it come out to be chef perfect.  You can also add your own favorite recipes!

You love making banana bread a certain way with a certain temp? Turn up for a certain time to brown it? Turn off? You can save it to do it like that every time.  You don’t have to think about it. You can just put it in there.


Pizza? Frozen? Crust? How many inches? It wants you to tell it everything and it will pop it out. Oh, and it tells you how long it will be until the masterpiece is done!


Now, who is “sold”? We are!

Thanks for listening,


The J Bros Team

Employee of The Week – Meet Jim Chapel!

Jim has been at Johnson Brothers for 15 years and is one of the three Senior Account Managers.  Before that Jim had spent 18 years in the Timber Industry. He achieved his Marketing Management Degree and then wound up working in appliances…and loves it!  Jim’s favorite thing about Johnson Brothers is the personal, low pressure sales where the focus is on spending more time educating than selling. He believes in J Bro’s strong emphasis on customer service. Jim also has a military background and was even a realtor for a while.  He loves to hunt, camp, fish, and bike ride, and play little golf.

The Vacuum of Your Dreams

Coming home to a clean house is spectacular.  There’s really nothing like it.  However, if you’re going to wake up and vacuum before work, you don’t want the neighbors to hear.  You probably ALSO want a brand that’s efficient, sleek, and won’t break down.  Let’s talk about the Miele Power Plus Dynamic U1.  Most have a retractable suction hose (only on the uprights, not canister models) and the most popular is Cat and Dog model.


Great features? Yes.

The model has a charcoal hepa filter to help remove pet odors.

A 39 ft reach with the power cord.

It steers and pivots.

Has a headlight for cleaning under beds or couches.

& built and designed to last longer than the competition.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.

But wait, there’s more!

The price is right!


For a Canister or Upright, it’s going to be about $649.  You can get 4 bags with the engine filter around $19 per box.  If you need a new hepa filter, it’s $50-60.  Not bad, eh?


This whole system is great for people with allergies.  All of the bags have an element that removes more particulates than pretty much any other vacuum out there.  It’s got an adjustable/automatic height adjustment and a setting for the power brush for carpets or hardwood floors.  Let’s just say it’s the Rolls Royce of vaccum world.  It’s luxury, extremely durable, AND it’s not as loud as other brands.


We’d love to show you more details, just visit us in store!


-J Bros Team

Employee of the Week: Parker Brattebo

Before Johnson Brothers, Parker worked for the Marriot-Ritz Carlton in Sales and is relatively new to the appliance world.  When the owner reached out to him, he knew it would be a great fit. Parker has also been in mortgage and real estate, which was a great start to knowing the industry inside and out. Parker went to Fort Lewis Liberal Arts College and majored in Psychology and Marketing.  He loves to travel, spend time outdoors, ski, hike, bike, boating, fly fish, and even float the river. Breweries are also a big favorite. He’s a bit of a foodie and also loves to golf. Parker appreciates that Johnson Brothers is a local shop, owned by great people and “it feels like a family.”

Employee of the Week : Meet Travis Montgomery!

Travis has been in the appliance industry for about 16 years.  He has done deliveries, installation, sales, and management.  Travis is also very active in church and keeps busy with his two children and all of their sporting endeavors. He loves to spend time with family, hike, mountain bike, and do all of the classic central Oregon activities. Travis loves Johnson Brothers because of its family atmosphere and its emphasis on family values & integrity.