Same Bosch Appliances, Four Different Kitchens

You may be thinking, “hey, I need to find the right appliances for my Dream Kitchen;” but, what if you’ve found the perfect set and you want to build around them?

Well, no worries! It’s possible.

Take a look at 4 very different ways that these Bosch appliances fit into various kitchens.

Look 1 : The Modern & Sleek

Here, you have cabinet handles “mimicking” the design of the range.

Important to note:

+ Appliances are typically flush, with limited protrusion.

+ Installments add class, sophistication, and crispness to the kitchen.

+ Silver does not clash with brown. 

Look 2 : Traditional, but Relevant

Here, you have the surrounding cabinets “contrasting” (on purpose) with the appliances.

Important to note:

+ Appliances can be placed in a variety of different fashions.

+ Installments add shine and contrast to the design.

+ The same set may look different in a traditional kitchen, but still fit!

Look 3 : Bright & Simple

Here, you have the Bosch appliances that add a modern touch.

Important to note:

+ Want a hipster flare? No problem.  It still works.

+ Installments add a sleek, vibrant touch.

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Here, you have a simple, greyscale.

Important to note:

+ The stainless steel reflect its surroundings.

+ Installments add purpose to the simple kitchens.

The moral of the story is that YOU can fall in love with a set, and build your kitchen the way you’ve always dreamed.  Focus on the functions of the appliances.  The perks you love.  The elements that make your baking needs taken care of.  Just because your friend down the street has a Bosch kitchen in her modern layout, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to fit it into YOUR layout too!

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Thanks for reading!

-The JBBend Team