Showroom Tour Part I

Want to know what you’re getting into? You’ve come to the right place.  Our showroom makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for… with no distractions.  Instead of placing our appliance sets in various hidden kitchens (you know, the ones that probably look nothing like your own), we have a clean, sleek layout that lets you focus in on what’s important; getting the right product and the right fit for YOU.

Here’s a quick tour of our Showroom.

1: Spots to chat that aren’t crammed and give you privacy.  You’re making a huge decision and we want you to feel right at home.


2: We have a diverse array of options… and colors!

3: Need a more than kitchen appliances? We’ve got it.  Your laundry room is covered as well.

4: Our sales reps are always happy to help.

5: You can try out several different options right in one place!

6: But wait, there’s more!


Swing by and we will show you around!

-The JBBend Team