Introducing… Steam Cooking; A Fresh Alternative to the Microwave

This just in…

This technology has (finally) hit the US.

You can now use the steam injection to cook foods with a more moist end result.  Just think, “better than a microwave.”  The products come out fresher, with a healthier result.  It doesn’t cook the nutrients out of the food! Don’t you want to end up with veggies with all of the nutrients still in the product? We sure do.

There’s also a multi rack option and multi food cooking, because WHO is JUST going to have steamed broccoli for dinner? Not you. Not us.  You can cook rice and asparagus all at the same time!1C1A96441C1A96451C1A96471C1A9648

They are also, multi-functional. 

You can use them for defrosting, instead of heating up leftovers or frozen goodies in a microwave.  It is much more efficient and it gives you a fresh product instead of that icky “half cooked” vibe from a microwave.

If you grilled a steak last night and want to reintroduce the moisture back in? This Steam Cooking tech will get it done for you.

Cool, huh?

Have more questions? Reach out or come into the store!

-The JBros Team