It’s Springtime; Time to Spruce up Professional Outdoor Equipment!

Summertime is right around the corner.

The year is going fast and it’s time to start preparing for all of those barbecues, backyard parties, and potlucks.  One thing that always makes a group extra happy is… well, extra good food.


There’s nothing like a fresh, hot meal with grilled veggies and BBQ meat.

If you’re looking to take your outdoor cooking up a notch, this will help:

Take a look at these Trident Infrared burners.  They have a 300-1000 degree variable temperature output which allows for low simmering capabilities.


Trying to cook fruit & sere a steak at the same time? No problem.  Your pineapple will thank you! You can do both at the same time with this Lynx, professional brand grill.  Oh, and you can either have it built into your outdoor display… or get one free standing.


Swing by and we will show you ALL the details.

-The JBros Team