The Latest on Dishwashers

What’s the latest on Dishwashers?  Well, all good news… but we have some explaining to do!

They’re using less water and less energy, so we have to combat that in a couple of ways.

The cycle times have been increased!

Many of the dishwashers have a flow through water heater, instead of a heating element that is exposed.  What’s it done? It’s made it more efficient and it lasts longer because it’s not coming in contact with the water.

What does this allow? Well, it allows you to put your plastics on the bottom rack where you wanted to stay away from that in the past.  There is less risk when you drop a Tupperware lid on the bottom AND there are more clean out filters where we didn’t used to have filters.

Another perk? Well, dishwashers can now run quieter.

Detergent use less works better!

Little tip: Only fill half of the reservoir. It’s better to scrape into the garbage but put the dishes right into dishwasher in with some food on it without pre-washing it!

The chemicals in detergent are made to react with the food soils and if they aren’t there it doesn’t activate the detergent, so it makes it ineffective if there isn’t food soil.

Interesting facts, huh?

Well, we hope you learned a little more about the current “spread” of dishwashers and some best practices!

-The JBros Team