The Benefits of a Front Load Washing Machine:

We all know that one family member who refuses to roll with the modern times.  They’re so used to that top load laundry machine, and they don’t want to give it up! Well, let us take a minute to inform you (and maybe persuade you?) on the glorious front load.

Some may say there really is “no reason on planet earth to get a top load.” Obviously, it’s up to you… and we are willing to help with whatever you need; but let’s take a minute to explore.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a front load.

#1  Spin speed.  A front load is typically 12-1400 RPMS, when a good top load floats around 700 RPMS.  All the extra inertia and gravity extracts more water out of the clothing making the dryer work less.  If you can make it run 50% less you can save more energy.   Saving energy, saves you money!  These take substantially less energy.

#2 Oh, and also, you get much more gentle agitation.

#3 You also use less water. Less water? Even better for your monthly utilities bill.  With the ability to have faster spin speeds, the clothes even dry more efficiently.

#4 But wait, there’s more! It’s also quieter. Got a baby at home? Need to do a late night load? Front loading will help you.

Another key to making your laundry experience “top notch” is this:

Remember not to use more than two table spoons of detergent!  So, #5, you will end up needing to buy less detergent.  Yet another win!