How & Why to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

We all love learning about the pros and cons of our purchases.  It makes it, well, easier for us to make the best decision; especially when we are making an important one.  How many times do YOU open up your fridge in a given day? Quite a few.  How much do you use your kitchen? Most likely, a lot.  Today, let’s talk about different types of refrigerators and the benefits of different features.

The standard depth refrigerator cabinet is 24” for the cabinet minus the doors.

With doors, it might vary between 28-38” with free standing refrigerator.

So, what does this mean?

Well, the counter depth the fridge doesn’t protrude as much or if you are looking for a cleaner, low profile, modern look, you’ll have your answer here.  That is a great benefit, however, there’s always a catch… with less protrusion, you’ll have a reduction in cubic feet, (so less space.)

Anything else?

Dual evaporation in a free standing refrigerator (i.e. with Sub Zero) has the benefit of two separate air sources.  This means that the air source is separate for the refrigerator and the freezer.  With that, there is less fluctuation in temperature change within each one.  It’s more stable humidity.  There’s no cross contamination.

Have you ever had an ice cube that stinks and smells funny because they’ve been tainted by something in the fridge? This will help.

Dual compressors add to the efficiency of your product, as well as the durability.  It works, simply because you’re not asking one compressor to do both! (It’s sharing the work!)

A variable speed compressor allows it to work based on demand.

Was your door left open? Well, this allows the speed to increase more rapidly to preserve the food. It will run at much lower speeds when there isn’t as much demand!  It will also help monitor usage.  When the air is moving, it chills it. It will help provide more air or less air to cater to a specific temperature.  If they run more efficiently, then it’s simply more efficient all around.  Oh, and it will save you $$ on your next electricity bill!

We hope you learned a little more about how your refrigerator works and what features to look for when you’re buying your next one.

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