The Vacuum of Your Dreams

Coming home to a clean house is spectacular.  There’s really nothing like it.  However, if you’re going to wake up and vacuum before work, you don’t want the neighbors to hear.  You probably ALSO want a brand that’s efficient, sleek, and won’t break down.  Let’s talk about the Miele Power Plus Dynamic U1.  Most have a retractable suction hose (only on the uprights, not canister models) and the most popular is Cat and Dog model.


Great features? Yes.

The model has a charcoal hepa filter to help remove pet odors.

A 39 ft reach with the power cord.

It steers and pivots.

Has a headlight for cleaning under beds or couches.

& built and designed to last longer than the competition.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.

But wait, there’s more!

The price is right!


For a Canister or Upright, it’s going to be about $649.  You can get 4 bags with the engine filter around $19 per box.  If you need a new hepa filter, it’s $50-60.  Not bad, eh?


This whole system is great for people with allergies.  All of the bags have an element that removes more particulates than pretty much any other vacuum out there.  It’s got an adjustable/automatic height adjustment and a setting for the power brush for carpets or hardwood floors.  Let’s just say it’s the Rolls Royce of vaccum world.  It’s luxury, extremely durable, AND it’s not as loud as other brands.


We’d love to show you more details, just visit us in store!


-J Bros Team