The Benefits of a Speed Oven

What’s not to love about technology popping up to help, all around?  You use your kitchen every day… so why not step up your tech game there, first! With a speed oven, you’ve got over 175 preprogrammed menu items.  All you need to do is just go through, turn the knob until you find what you want to cook and press Go!  There are various food types built into the oven and it can be VERY handy, depending on what you want to heat up or cook.

What exactly can you cook up? Well, from appetizers to a filet mignon tenderloin you’ve got endless choices.

Having a party? Want to throw in an app and get it out quick before the main meal?  You’ve got it!

Oh, but you could also do the main meal in there too.

Baking a cake in your other oven? This is perfect.


Uses three features.  A microwave, some thermal convection, and of course…broiling.

How do you use it?

Want something specific? Go to “Seafood” or “Meats” and change it to Medium Rare or Well Done… if you ask us, it comes out perfect every time.

Lamb chops? Let’s go.

Cod Filet? Fish Sticks? Lobster Tails? It’s your own personal heat perfecter!

The oven has algorithms built into it to have it come out to be chef perfect.  You can also add your own favorite recipes!

You love making banana bread a certain way with a certain temp? Turn up for a certain time to brown it? Turn off? You can save it to do it like that every time.  You don’t have to think about it. You can just put it in there.


Pizza? Frozen? Crust? How many inches? It wants you to tell it everything and it will pop it out. Oh, and it tells you how long it will be until the masterpiece is done!


Now, who is “sold”? We are!

Thanks for listening,


The J Bros Team