It’s Summertime. Check Out Why We LOVE the Lynx Professional BBQ

You can’t beat a Trident infrared searing burner.  Let’s face it, people want choices.  Gone are the days where you can just throw a few hot dogs on the grill.  You want veggies (you know, for the meatless Mondays and vegans), potatoes, steak, and more.  With this grill, you can control the heat (grill and sear at high heat and then finish a steak by taking it down to low without having to move it).  It makes sense to be able to control as much as you can!

If that’s not enough, the quality and construction are top notch.  The way it was built, the welded seams are finished so you don’t see anything.  Sleek and chic.

Other great quality features?  Well, a being able to muster up an excellent rotisserie is a great feature to have for chickens and roasts.  We’ve all got to meal prep, am I right?

Another AMAZING feature is that you can lift the lid with one finger. It’s light and easy to lift due to the design of the springs.  They absorb the weight as it goes up and helps lift it.

Always remember to turn the gas and burners off when you’re done grilling.  Now, hop to!

Thanks for reading,

The J Bros Team