6 Tips on How to Care for Your Appliances

We’ve all got em’, now how do we clean em’?

It’s imperative that you keep the inside, outside, nooks, crannies, AND functioning of your appliances in tip top shape.

Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Start by cleaning out your evaporator foils on a regular basis, i.e. the little metal coils under free standing refrigerator depending on the model.  Sometimes, you’ll have to remove the back panel.  You can use an appliance brush and shop vac.  The hose on your regular vacuum cleaner would probably work!  Look for the section where the refrigerator is dispersing the heat that it’s pulling out of the fridge.  What’s happening is that all of that build up prevents it from getting the heat out of the fridge and it’s working too much, so it’s not working efficiently. So, what problem does that cause? It could overheat, burn the compressor out prematurely, or even use too much energy.   You don’t want to suffocate the fridge!
  2. Clean out dryer vents! Getting the lent build up out of the vents is essential to a long lasting machine.  For safety purposes (especially in Central Oregon, it could be a fire hazard). IF you’re preventing too much air flow, you could burn up your elements for the dryer.  It won’t be working as efficiently and won’t be dumping the warm air.  Keep in mind this is the number one reason houses burn.
  3. Washing the outside / the exterior. A lot of the new finishes do not require any chemicals.  Just a wet microfiber! 
  4. Clean your dishwasher every 3 months. Cleaners by Afresh tablet and Magic is a liquid that empties out during the cycle.  Clean the filters because they get slimed up and things start growing in there!  You want things to be sanitary!  They will also last longer if you clean them.
  5. Keep the microwave cleaned out and cleaned. People can actually burn holes by little amounts of food getting stuck in there.  Then, they turn it on and BOOM, you’ve burnt yourself a hole.  You can even use baking soda and water!  If you need to remove odors, you can use vinegar water (or even fresh squeezed lemons) in a cup and you can steam it clean!  You have to keep them clean. 
  6. Clean underneath the appliances. Dust bunnies can get everywhere.

These are all simple, yet effective ways to make sure that your investment is cared for and lasts you years!

Thanks for listening,

The J Bros Team