Employee of the Week – Tammie Reid

Tammie has been at Johnson brothers over 31 years and loves it because its personable and family owned.  She loves that it is a locally owned Christian family that cares about every customer.  “We have feelings for our customers,” she goes on.  Tammie loves helping people and helping them make a better experience for themselves in their kitchen and live in their dream kitchen.  Tammie loves to volunteer helping children and children with special needs. She even snowmobiles in the winter and rides motorcycles in the summer.  She likes to attend NASCAR Indi car events.  Tammie’s goal is to help children full time when she retires.  Tammie loves that you can get anything and everything at J Bros and likes working with a friendly staff who care about the people that walk through the door. Tammie has even ventured out to help folks one on one in their home with care & handling!