Employee of the Week – Mark Johnson

Mark J has been selling appliances for about 8 years. Before working at J Bros, he was a bit retired, and sold power tools for 3 years. We’re sure glad he “went back to work.” J Bros has become much more than a “retirement job”.

Mark loves working with friends like Charcie, Dave and Brian’s Aunt. When he needed to get up and go, working for them just made sense. Mark started with Johnson Brothers in Outside Sales and then eventually moved into the showroom. Mark loves being outdoors in the sun, at the lake, being with friends & family.

Employee of The Week – Meet Jim Chapel!

Jim has been at Johnson Brothers for 15 years and is one of the three Senior Account Managers.  Before that Jim had spent 18 years in the Timber Industry. He achieved his Marketing Management Degree and then wound up working in appliances…and loves it!  Jim’s favorite thing about Johnson Brothers is the personal, low pressure sales where the focus is on spending more time educating than selling. He believes in J Bro’s strong emphasis on customer service. Jim also has a military background and was even a realtor for a while.  He loves to hunt, camp, fish, and bike ride, and play little golf.

Employee of the Week : Meet Travis Montgomery!

Travis has been in the appliance industry for about 16 years.  He has done deliveries, installation, sales, and management.  Travis is also very active in church and keeps busy with his two children and all of their sporting endeavors. He loves to spend time with family, hike, mountain bike, and do all of the classic central Oregon activities. Travis loves Johnson Brothers because of its family atmosphere and its emphasis on family values & integrity.