Why to Purchase Your Kitchen in Bend

Live outside the city?  A few towns down? Passing through?  Johnson Brothers is a great, family owned business to support when you are looking to update your kitchen.  There are however, a few other amazing reasons why a trip to Bend is worth the hike (no pun intended).

Adventure is Bend’s thing.

If you love camping, hiking, fishing, and adventuring… you’ve come to the right spot.  Several of our Sales Associates can help direct you on some of their favorite trails, view spots, and places to grab a beer after a long day.

O N E : Great Mountain Bike Trails

Ever wanted to storm down a mountain?  Get your helmet and shoulder pads ready, because Bend is the best spot for mountain biking.  There are spots for beginners and the most advanced.  Look here for a few local favorites.

T W O : The Best Small Town Breweries

Oregon is well known for beer, but Bend itself has some stellar, hometown brews that will knock your socks off.  Love an IPA?  Need a great stout or porter? Here in Bend, we stick a brewery anywhere we can.  You know, warehouses, cottages, shops, and downtown.  If you want to get a taste of all of them right in one spot… pick a festival weekend.  We are open on weekends, so you can swing by and get what you need, then head downtown afterwards.  Here are ten awesome spots to hit up while you’re in town.

T H R E E : The Downtown Scene

Speaking of downtown, there are shops, restaurants that both locals and tourists love, as well as places to stay within walking distance; whether it be McMenamins or an Airbnb.

F O U R : Camping, Fishing, and Hiking

If you want to leave the hotel keys and head for a campsite, we’ve got that as well.  Here are a few of our favorite sites:

F I V E : The Old Mill District

You haven’t been to Bend if you haven’t walked along the Deschutes River. (Floating it is strongly encouraged!). Down by the Old Mill, they host parties, concerts, runs, festivals, and more.  You can also shop, grab some wine, or sunbathe… up to you!

S I X : Golf

Working on your swing?  You’ve got it!  Some crowd favorites can be found here.

S E V E N : Skiing

Some people have cabins in Bend for the perfect summers… but it doesn’t stop there.  Bend is a great place to cuddle up during the winter.  We are close to all of those great winter activities as well.

There you have it! Coming into Bend can be much more than updating your kitchen appliances, it can be a fun adventure for you and your family!

-The J Bros Team




The Latest on Dishwashers

What’s the latest on Dishwashers?  Well, all good news… but we have some explaining to do!

They’re using less water and less energy, so we have to combat that in a couple of ways.

The cycle times have been increased!

Many of the dishwashers have a flow through water heater, instead of a heating element that is exposed.  What’s it done? It’s made it more efficient and it lasts longer because it’s not coming in contact with the water.

What does this allow? Well, it allows you to put your plastics on the bottom rack where you wanted to stay away from that in the past.  There is less risk when you drop a Tupperware lid on the bottom AND there are more clean out filters where we didn’t used to have filters.

Another perk? Well, dishwashers can now run quieter.

Detergent use less works better!

Little tip: Only fill half of the reservoir. It’s better to scrape into the garbage but put the dishes right into dishwasher in with some food on it without pre-washing it!

The chemicals in detergent are made to react with the food soils and if they aren’t there it doesn’t activate the detergent, so it makes it ineffective if there isn’t food soil.

Interesting facts, huh?

Well, we hope you learned a little more about the current “spread” of dishwashers and some best practices!

-The JBros Team

Same Bosch Appliances, Four Different Kitchens

You may be thinking, “hey, I need to find the right appliances for my Dream Kitchen;” but, what if you’ve found the perfect set and you want to build around them?

Well, no worries! It’s possible.

Take a look at 4 very different ways that these Bosch appliances fit into various kitchens.

Look 1 : The Modern & Sleek

Here, you have cabinet handles “mimicking” the design of the range.

Important to note:

+ Appliances are typically flush, with limited protrusion.

+ Installments add class, sophistication, and crispness to the kitchen.

+ Silver does not clash with brown. 

Look 2 : Traditional, but Relevant

Here, you have the surrounding cabinets “contrasting” (on purpose) with the appliances.

Important to note:

+ Appliances can be placed in a variety of different fashions.

+ Installments add shine and contrast to the design.

+ The same set may look different in a traditional kitchen, but still fit!

Look 3 : Bright & Simple

Here, you have the Bosch appliances that add a modern touch.

Important to note:

+ Want a hipster flare? No problem.  It still works.

+ Installments add a sleek, vibrant touch.

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Here, you have a simple, greyscale.

Important to note:

+ The stainless steel reflect its surroundings.

+ Installments add purpose to the simple kitchens.

The moral of the story is that YOU can fall in love with a set, and build your kitchen the way you’ve always dreamed.  Focus on the functions of the appliances.  The perks you love.  The elements that make your baking needs taken care of.  Just because your friend down the street has a Bosch kitchen in her modern layout, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to fit it into YOUR layout too!

Visit us in store or check out more appliances on our website.

Thanks for reading!

-The JBBend Team