It’s Summertime. Check Out Why We LOVE the Lynx Professional BBQ

You can’t beat a Trident infrared searing burner.  Let’s face it, people want choices.  Gone are the days where you can just throw a few hot dogs on the grill.  You want veggies (you know, for the meatless Mondays and vegans), potatoes, steak, and more.  With this grill, you can control the heat (grill and sear at high heat and then finish a steak by taking it down to low without having to move it).  It makes sense to be able to control as much as you can!

If that’s not enough, the quality and construction are top notch.  The way it was built, the welded seams are finished so you don’t see anything.  Sleek and chic.

Other great quality features?  Well, a being able to muster up an excellent rotisserie is a great feature to have for chickens and roasts.  We’ve all got to meal prep, am I right?

Another AMAZING feature is that you can lift the lid with one finger. It’s light and easy to lift due to the design of the springs.  They absorb the weight as it goes up and helps lift it.

Always remember to turn the gas and burners off when you’re done grilling.  Now, hop to!

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The Benefits of a Speed Oven

What’s not to love about technology popping up to help, all around?  You use your kitchen every day… so why not step up your tech game there, first! With a speed oven, you’ve got over 175 preprogrammed menu items.  All you need to do is just go through, turn the knob until you find what you want to cook and press Go!  There are various food types built into the oven and it can be VERY handy, depending on what you want to heat up or cook.

What exactly can you cook up? Well, from appetizers to a filet mignon tenderloin you’ve got endless choices.

Having a party? Want to throw in an app and get it out quick before the main meal?  You’ve got it!

Oh, but you could also do the main meal in there too.

Baking a cake in your other oven? This is perfect.


Uses three features.  A microwave, some thermal convection, and of course…broiling.

How do you use it?

Want something specific? Go to “Seafood” or “Meats” and change it to Medium Rare or Well Done… if you ask us, it comes out perfect every time.

Lamb chops? Let’s go.

Cod Filet? Fish Sticks? Lobster Tails? It’s your own personal heat perfecter!

The oven has algorithms built into it to have it come out to be chef perfect.  You can also add your own favorite recipes!

You love making banana bread a certain way with a certain temp? Turn up for a certain time to brown it? Turn off? You can save it to do it like that every time.  You don’t have to think about it. You can just put it in there.


Pizza? Frozen? Crust? How many inches? It wants you to tell it everything and it will pop it out. Oh, and it tells you how long it will be until the masterpiece is done!


Now, who is “sold”? We are!

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How & Why to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

We all love learning about the pros and cons of our purchases.  It makes it, well, easier for us to make the best decision; especially when we are making an important one.  How many times do YOU open up your fridge in a given day? Quite a few.  How much do you use your kitchen? Most likely, a lot.  Today, let’s talk about different types of refrigerators and the benefits of different features.

The standard depth refrigerator cabinet is 24” for the cabinet minus the doors.

With doors, it might vary between 28-38” with free standing refrigerator.

So, what does this mean?

Well, the counter depth the fridge doesn’t protrude as much or if you are looking for a cleaner, low profile, modern look, you’ll have your answer here.  That is a great benefit, however, there’s always a catch… with less protrusion, you’ll have a reduction in cubic feet, (so less space.)

Anything else?

Dual evaporation in a free standing refrigerator (i.e. with Sub Zero) has the benefit of two separate air sources.  This means that the air source is separate for the refrigerator and the freezer.  With that, there is less fluctuation in temperature change within each one.  It’s more stable humidity.  There’s no cross contamination.

Have you ever had an ice cube that stinks and smells funny because they’ve been tainted by something in the fridge? This will help.

Dual compressors add to the efficiency of your product, as well as the durability.  It works, simply because you’re not asking one compressor to do both! (It’s sharing the work!)

A variable speed compressor allows it to work based on demand.

Was your door left open? Well, this allows the speed to increase more rapidly to preserve the food. It will run at much lower speeds when there isn’t as much demand!  It will also help monitor usage.  When the air is moving, it chills it. It will help provide more air or less air to cater to a specific temperature.  If they run more efficiently, then it’s simply more efficient all around.  Oh, and it will save you $$ on your next electricity bill!

We hope you learned a little more about how your refrigerator works and what features to look for when you’re buying your next one.

Have any more questions? We can help.

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The Benefits of a Front Load Washing Machine:

We all know that one family member who refuses to roll with the modern times.  They’re so used to that top load laundry machine, and they don’t want to give it up! Well, let us take a minute to inform you (and maybe persuade you?) on the glorious front load.

Some may say there really is “no reason on planet earth to get a top load.” Obviously, it’s up to you… and we are willing to help with whatever you need; but let’s take a minute to explore.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a front load.

#1  Spin speed.  A front load is typically 12-1400 RPMS, when a good top load floats around 700 RPMS.  All the extra inertia and gravity extracts more water out of the clothing making the dryer work less.  If you can make it run 50% less you can save more energy.   Saving energy, saves you money!  These take substantially less energy.

#2 Oh, and also, you get much more gentle agitation.

#3 You also use less water. Less water? Even better for your monthly utilities bill.  With the ability to have faster spin speeds, the clothes even dry more efficiently.

#4 But wait, there’s more! It’s also quieter. Got a baby at home? Need to do a late night load? Front loading will help you.

Another key to making your laundry experience “top notch” is this:

Remember not to use more than two table spoons of detergent!  So, #5, you will end up needing to buy less detergent.  Yet another win!

What You Need to Know About Induction Technologies

 Although it’s been around for many decades, induction technology is finally catching on in US.


Because it’s efficient! With good response times, it’s now faster than gas to get to a high temp.


Electro magnetic energy instead of thermal energy.  The element itself creates an electromagnetic field.

This is also a safer technology because burners never create heat.  So, if you set grocery bag next to it, it won’t start a fire.  As an end result, its safer for children!~

There are some other benefits as well.  It’s easier to clean because it’s not baking the food soil onto the glass as it would be if it was the real heat.  It’s got a ceramic glass surface!  It also has quick temperature springs.  It’s very accurate and fast.

Have we convinced you yet?

Let us know if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to help!

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