Introducing… Steam Cooking; A Fresh Alternative to the Microwave

This just in…

This technology has (finally) hit the US.

You can now use the steam injection to cook foods with a more moist end result.  Just think, “better than a microwave.”  The products come out fresher, with a healthier result.  It doesn’t cook the nutrients out of the food! Don’t you want to end up with veggies with all of the nutrients still in the product? We sure do.

There’s also a multi rack option and multi food cooking, because WHO is JUST going to have steamed broccoli for dinner? Not you. Not us.  You can cook rice and asparagus all at the same time!1C1A96441C1A96451C1A96471C1A9648

They are also, multi-functional. 

You can use them for defrosting, instead of heating up leftovers or frozen goodies in a microwave.  It is much more efficient and it gives you a fresh product instead of that icky “half cooked” vibe from a microwave.

If you grilled a steak last night and want to reintroduce the moisture back in? This Steam Cooking tech will get it done for you.

Cool, huh?

Have more questions? Reach out or come into the store!

-The JBros Team

It’s Springtime; Time to Spruce up Professional Outdoor Equipment!

Summertime is right around the corner.

The year is going fast and it’s time to start preparing for all of those barbecues, backyard parties, and potlucks.  One thing that always makes a group extra happy is… well, extra good food.


There’s nothing like a fresh, hot meal with grilled veggies and BBQ meat.

If you’re looking to take your outdoor cooking up a notch, this will help:

Take a look at these Trident Infrared burners.  They have a 300-1000 degree variable temperature output which allows for low simmering capabilities.


Trying to cook fruit & sere a steak at the same time? No problem.  Your pineapple will thank you! You can do both at the same time with this Lynx, professional brand grill.  Oh, and you can either have it built into your outdoor display… or get one free standing.


Swing by and we will show you ALL the details.

-The JBros Team

Connecting WiFi to Your Appliances

Who loves good WiFi? Raise your hand!

It’s true, everyone is looking for the latest and greatest.  With technology changing at a fast pace, it’s imperative that you keep it “up to date.”  The best thing is, all of this new tech is not just good for your Apps, iPhones, and Cars… even appliances are getting a tech makeover! 1C1A9466

So what’s new on the scene?

You guesses it; Home Connect & WiFi Connectivity for your appliances. 

First things first, let’s talk about ventilation.. you know, that thing you always forget to do?!


The new tech is allowing communication between your cooking equipment and ventilation systems.  Ventilation should really always be used when you’re heating up the range, but now, it will do all the thinking (and button pushing) for you.  It will automatically come on when it needs to run. Isn’t that sweet? No need to remember, just get to cooking.

**Disclaimer, this technology will not clean up the kitchen mess yet… but we are working on it ;)**


Now on to Electric cooktops.

With the new auto features, you’re able to adjust temperatures on your oven and cooking modes by way of your smart phone and iPad.  So, a.k.a. you can preheat your oven remotely.  This is SUPER helpful when:

  1. You just grabbed a Take n’ Bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s, you get stuck in traffic, and you’re going to be starving when you get home. Now, you can turn that oven on and have it hot by the time you get home.
  2. You’ve got to run some errands and you forgot to heat up that oven and… oh no! Thanksgiving just won’t be the same without that fresh meatloaf 😉
  3. Feeling lazy? Watching a great movie on the other side of the house? Mid conversation? Taking a nap? There are 100 reasons why it makes sense to be able to control your kitchen from afar!1C1A94791C1A9554

Oh, and there’s more.  The new tech gives you the ability to monitor time and temperature as well.  You can be entertaining on the porch and know that the roast will be done at a certain time and is at a certain temperature!

Showroom Tour Part I

Want to know what you’re getting into? You’ve come to the right place.  Our showroom makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for… with no distractions.  Instead of placing our appliance sets in various hidden kitchens (you know, the ones that probably look nothing like your own), we have a clean, sleek layout that lets you focus in on what’s important; getting the right product and the right fit for YOU.

Here’s a quick tour of our Showroom.

1: Spots to chat that aren’t crammed and give you privacy.  You’re making a huge decision and we want you to feel right at home.


2: We have a diverse array of options… and colors!

3: Need a more than kitchen appliances? We’ve got it.  Your laundry room is covered as well.

4: Our sales reps are always happy to help.

5: You can try out several different options right in one place!

6: But wait, there’s more!


Swing by and we will show you around!

-The JBBend Team

Same Bosch Appliances, Four Different Kitchens

You may be thinking, “hey, I need to find the right appliances for my Dream Kitchen;” but, what if you’ve found the perfect set and you want to build around them?

Well, no worries! It’s possible.

Take a look at 4 very different ways that these Bosch appliances fit into various kitchens.

Look 1 : The Modern & Sleek

Here, you have cabinet handles “mimicking” the design of the range.

Important to note:

+ Appliances are typically flush, with limited protrusion.

+ Installments add class, sophistication, and crispness to the kitchen.

+ Silver does not clash with brown. 

Look 2 : Traditional, but Relevant

Here, you have the surrounding cabinets “contrasting” (on purpose) with the appliances.

Important to note:

+ Appliances can be placed in a variety of different fashions.

+ Installments add shine and contrast to the design.

+ The same set may look different in a traditional kitchen, but still fit!

Look 3 : Bright & Simple

Here, you have the Bosch appliances that add a modern touch.

Important to note:

+ Want a hipster flare? No problem.  It still works.

+ Installments add a sleek, vibrant touch.

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Look 4 : Moody & Industrial

Here, you have a simple, greyscale.

Important to note:

+ The stainless steel reflect its surroundings.

+ Installments add purpose to the simple kitchens.

The moral of the story is that YOU can fall in love with a set, and build your kitchen the way you’ve always dreamed.  Focus on the functions of the appliances.  The perks you love.  The elements that make your baking needs taken care of.  Just because your friend down the street has a Bosch kitchen in her modern layout, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to fit it into YOUR layout too!

Visit us in store or check out more appliances on our website.

Thanks for reading!

-The JBBend Team